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here you can download paper models of rockets, space stations and spacecrafts for free.

Just download the templates, print them out and start building.

Please keep in mind that the website is still work in progress and all paper models are for personal use only. 


Latest updates:

Instructions added for the Safir-1, the Paektusan-2, the Shavit-1 and the RSA-3 LV (17th October 2018)

Little Joe is now available (30th September 2018)

Sombrero is now available (29th September 2018)

TKS-3 is now available without textures (23rd September 2018)

Little Joe 1 Papercraft paper model

Latest Papercraft

The Little Joe was an unmanned rocket used to test the heat shield and the launch escape system of the American Mercury capsules.


ASLV Coming soon!